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Are you Already a Unitarian Universalist?

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1.        Do you believe the Bible to be an often inspiring human document and a product of its age, rather than the literal word of God?

2.        Do you believe the individual is not condemned by original sin, but is inherently capable of a good and meaningful life by exercising innate natural powers?

3.        Do you believe Jesus was a gifted religious teacher rather than a pre-existing or a present-day deity?

4.        Do you believe that when reason and creed conflict, creed should give way to reason?

5.        Do you believe that religious truth, to be acceptable, must be in harmony with truth in other areas of life?

6.        Do you believe that you are profoundly kin to all human beings irrespective of nation, race, or creed and that their well-being is inevitably bound up with your own?

7.        Do you believe that lay people should be free to question or refute the opinions of clergymen, even in church-reserved areas of faith and morals?

8.        Do you believe that the function of religion is to help people live this life to the utmost, rather than to prepare them for an afterlife?

9.        Do you believe that the primary responsibility for human progress rests upon people themselves, whatever may be our belief concerning forces greater than humanity?

If you can answer these questions affirmatively, then you are indeed a Unitarian Universalist in spirit and outlook.

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